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Avaland Book

Destiny and Courage Collide – in Cinematic  New Fantasy Novel

“Beautiful and captivating” Alex, Breakaway Reviewers

 “Croucher Rose has given us a sparkling debut” 
Daniel Casey, Misanthropester

Peter Donnelly, The Reading Desk

‘Avaland’ embroils readers in the life of a young, seemingly-ordinary village girl, as she is pulled into a magical world where Guardian status awaits. However, first, every bone in her body and every synapse of her mind will be tested through a series of challenges; a quest that will help her discover who she really is. It’s a narrative of high adventure and one that will grab the attention of any fan of Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

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The literary world may only just be hearing the name Amy Croucher Rose for the first time, but this bold and formidable British author is firmly here to stay – storming onto the scene with a fantasy novel that could easily rival any bestseller or Hollywood movie.
 ‘Avaland’ fuses its fantastical, quest-driven storyline with a serious reminder of how resilient the human spirit really is. 

“While my story is totally new and unique, it was written for the same audience who have fallen in love with things like Harry Potter and the myriad of other new-style fantasy novels out there,” explains the author. “It’s an adventure that sees our young heroine get tested in more ways than she could ever imagine but, in the process, come out a stronger and more capable person.” Continuing, “It’s actually not all fantasy when you think about it; we all have greatness within us, and it often only manifests after we have overcome adversity. I hope my readers will take inspiration from Charlotte and consider moving out of their own comfort zones…since greatness awaits them.''

About the Author:
Born in Hampshire England, the world AVALAND stems from many childhood adventures Amy took as a tomboy. Passionate about writing with a special interest in fantasy fiction and Sci-Fi, Amy is addicted to creating stories and admits she has always been creative since adolescence. Amy continues on her quest to bring an audience to the world she has created, believing that one day others will love it as much as she does.

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“Beautiful and captivating” 

5 stars

An abandoned baby in a forest with unknown magic power and a magical artefact. If this plot sounds familiar it's because it is. The fantasy genre is so saturated these days most books will follow a well-trodden, predictable (yet comfortable) path. Fortunately, this is where the predictable ends and the magic begins. Amy Croucher Rose really has managed to do a fantastic job of using the familiar themes and characters (gargoyles, goblins etc.) that accompany most fantasy books and marry them seamlessly with the weird and wacky in a new and exciting way. The book starts grandly with a prologue describing the crazy lives of a doddery old man shouting at kids who move his cabbages and his wife who cooks bizarre and gross sounding food. This not only sets the scene but brings the main protagonist close to the reader's heart as, admit it, we all know that old man down the road. This more than some books can manage from front cover to back. The world of Avaland is a story -rich fantasy world that is as familiar as it is novel and unknown, making this book a joy to read. Simply kick back and relax as this beautiful world unfolds with plenty of mystery and more than a few comedic moments that had me giggling to myself. A must read for any lovers of fantasy.
Alex, Breakaway Reviewers

Avaland is a spellbinding fantasy that is so beautifully written that you are completely engrossed in a set of adventures in a magical realm. The storyline follows a well-adopted recipe made most famous by JK Rowling in Harry Potter. In Avaland, Charlotte is the unexpected teenager destined to have a major impact on the world and fight against a powerful spell that only she seems destined to break.
Charlotte is an orphan raised by a mother and father who discovered her beneath an old oak tree along with a crystal when she was 6 years old. She has grown up feeling that bit different and an outsider. Amy Croucher Rose does a great job of creating a protagonist that we can easily connect with and root for, being empathetic towards her vulnerabilities and soft demeanour. She casts her as the underdog with a powerful secret lurking and develops a character that is appealing, naïve, and somehow resourceful. There are a wonderful array of characters developed around Charlotte to add to the adventures, those that become friends, those that are protecting from a distance, and those that are searching for an opportunity to harm.
When the time comes for Charlotte to be transported to Avaland she immediately connects with Mandy, a Blue Hag, and Frugal, a Hobgoblin. They travel to the Coliseum to study and train to become Guardians of Avaland. When they arrive at a large “Sorting Tree” called Arafolle they are all given a Talisman and Charlotte is declared “Quartz Clear” to the astonishment of those around her. On visiting the woman in the fountain she is given a diamond bracelet that winds itself around and embeds into her forearm. The Quartz Clear Talisman is the VIP of all talismans and is assigned only to those that are destined to change the course of history. Charlotte’s crystal is only one part of a greater gem that various members of the Quartz Clear group possess, plus a missing part.
In the magnificent Coliseum, there are species of all sorts including Werewolves, Shape-shifters, Cyclops and Vampires. Charlotte is introduced to those that will be part of her training team and to those within her talisman group. Oh no the Irish creature in the tall green hat, didn’t just say “Top of the mornin’ to yer.” That aside, the cast of characters is extensive yet not overpowering and they all bring aspects to the story that add value and intrigue. As she develops friends and relationships there is always suspicion as to which side any friend may be on.
The trainees will go through hours and hours of physical and weapons training and then must undertake a number of tasks in the Labyrinth that must be completed in order to move on. Each task is to find a large coin and they will be given clues as to their whereabouts in the Labyrinth. These adventures are exciting, pacey, and fraught with danger.
Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fans will love this book and it is really well written with loads of side interests and detail that creates a depth in the narrative that is totally entertaining. 
Peter Donnelly
The Reading Desk

''Croucher Rose has given us a sparkling debut''
There is a charm to Amy Croucher Rose’s first novel Avaland that will delight and surprise readers. And for a first time author, Croucher Rose writes not just smooth and well-composed prose but tells an entrancing story filled with pleasing plot elements and twists. Avaland is a novel for young readers and adults. It is a superb fantasy adventure and elegant fairy tale.
Readers begin finding Charlotte orphaned as a babe and magically arriving on the doorstep of a quirky elderly couple. It is a classic fairy tale trope which Croucher Rose blends into her tale in such a way to make it seem fresh and new. Charlotte grows up and finds herself pulled into a magical world of hobgoblins, gnomes, and other fantastic creatures where she must puzzle out not just the mysteries of these worlds but of her own existence. It is Avaland, mystical and compelling. 
Readers will learn alongside Charlotte just what this magical world holds as we accompany her through her education Harry Potter-like as she discovers and masters her own magical abilities. But don’t think Croucher Rose has merely written an imitation of J.K. Rowling, Avaland is entirely its own story. Yet, the novel does give fantasy readers echoes of their favorite kinds of worlds from Jim Henson’s Laybrinth and Dark Crystal to more contemporary stories like Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.
Charlotte explores this world as she is presented tasks to overcome to get her closer to the ultimate hidden goal. Battling Sirens and Dragons with allies who will endear and infuriate readers, Charlotte will fulfill her destiny saving the world. The fantasy fiction lover as well as those readers who overlap with RPG (role-playing game) gaming will find this novel a delight. Readers looking for something light but accomplished will be immensely satisfied. While the cover of the novel begs to be teased, the content is pleasing. Croucher Rose has given us a sparkling debut.
In a world obsessed with grimdark fantasy adventures, the kind of epic novels focused on gritty realism, Avaland shows you can experience heart-pounding adventure without graphic sexual, emotional, or bloody violence. Similiarly, Avaland refuses the cutesy kind of fantasy meant to please the parents of young readers. Croucher Rose creates in Charlotte as well as her other characters a world where menace exists just below the surface but in a tone that’s more Lewis Carroll than George R.R. Martin and serious in her wonder without being fastidious or facetious.
Daniel Casey, Misanthropester

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